I was at Skye Bar last week and have no complaints. Terletak di jantung kota, di atap Menara BCA lantai 56 - Grand Indonesia, Thamrin, SKYE didirikan untuk menjadi "Lifestyle Resort in The Sky" dan sebuah landmark ikon di kota ini, memberikan suasana yang unik untuk Liburan untuk orang-orang Jakarta dari kehidupan sehari-hari mereka yang sibuk I'm local (doesn't mean bcoz I speak in English with my friend,I can't speak bahasa )my friend r middle eastern And we kinda dress up..Cheong Sam for me and shirt for himWe got no problem to enter and I saw someone in another table r with T-shirt and dirty canvas shoes..ugh..P's: if Skye manager or whoever Work there read this comments, please do something if next time there's a bule Guy and his ayam seems to do a foreplay on their tableYuck! JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Artis peran Kiki Amalia blak-blakan saat berbincang dengan Nikita Mirzani.. Setelah delapan tahun cerai dari mantan suaminya, Markus Horison, Kiki Amalia membongkar cerita rumah tangganya saat menjadi bintang tamu di acara Nih Kita Kepo. Di SKYE Bar & Restaurant, indahnya city view kota Jakarta, khususnya Thamrin dan Jakarta Pusat, bisa terlihat dengan jelas. Lokasi BCA. Not worth the money they charge, but up to you. Overall, I had a nice experience. great food. 11:00 - 00:00. ice panda 5.0. haha. Ini adalah kunjungan saya yang kedua kalinya ke Skye yang terletak di lantai 56 Menara BCA. See, easy to fix your issue…Jakarta and Indonesia is a place growing and growing, so as you young child, it will be adult one day. Consider it was just my lucky day? nice place, great view over jakarta and very good service! 1, Jakarta 10310 Telepon: (021) 235 88000. its that true that we have to make reservations like 3days or a week before because of the very crowded place that u wont get any seat without reservation like many said? I wear the hijab, btw. Though some dishes were nice, the food shouldn't be so expensive, cuz it was only average. Porsi makanan nya cukup tidak terlalu banyak. 3. Had bad experience with Skye's service around 1.5 year ago but today I really miss to see Jakarta's view from above. WONT come for the 3rd time. Haizzzh what's going onnn there ?? It scares me to go there. Hence my British friend's surprise about not being on par with Skye's dress code standard. Change ur attitudes and you'll have more fun you unappreciative MFing shit assed babies. its good and okay Ferrero Rocher 7/10. Last night access to the bar, was denied to me and my guests (2 members of a diplomatic mission) by the front staff by rude and impolite manners and different excuses, not suitable to a class bar.Nobody of us was wearing sandals, shorts, flip flop, colourful t-shirts and anything mentioned in Sky bar regulation, the 2 staff members, were selecting customers, basing on their own personal criteria, referring nervously that we were not matching the “the general dress code”. floor, SKYE's main attraction will obviously be the view over the city's The PR lady is a total ASS! ), 30 Most Famous Filipina / Pinay Pornstars, 7 Famous Indonesian Pornstars and Nude Models, Dubai Nightlife: Best Bars and Nightclubs (2020), 13 Most Beautiful Japanese Models and Gravure Idols, 10 Famous Soaplands in Tokyo (with a Map), Doha Nightlife (Qatar): Best Bars and Nightclubs (2020), 18 Best Apartments for Bachelor Parties in Jakarta, 18 Best Jakarta Hotels Near Nightclubs and Bars. skye mh thamrin no1. Publish your personal ad on Jakarta100bars for FREE! Tried to call the above number, but she only gave me answer "indeed the phone is difficult to be reached, and better for you to come there" not a solution at all. I always bring my business friends and relatives here and they enjoy the views, drinks and the beautiful (female) crowd, mainly Chinese by the way.I agree that the service is far below what you may expect. Ulasan ini adalah opini subjektif dari anggota TripAdvisor, bukan dari TripAdvisor LLC. MH Thamrin No. Interestingly though, as a Jakarta expat, I have been to many Ismaya venues, and find the levels of service to be consistently poor, and the problem of staff with limited English skills is pretty common at their venues, especially compared with places like Loewy and Union, which are both highly professional (and run by the same guy). Lyon. Lokasi: SKYE. The regulation is there to protect perfect hollier than thou Moslems from sin and temptation.... "regulation prohibiting anyone wearing a "jilbab" to enter after 6 pm"The jilbab person "enter" before "6pm" and stay there for hours and hours.regulation said "enter", once you're there you can stay there. Ismaya Group, and for this reason, we can guess it will be the place to very confuse to go there or no. BART- Bar at The Rooftop. Sulaiman Tanudjaja (46), loncat dari Restoran Skye di lantai 56 Menara BCA Thamrin. He's an real ass&^^&#. Berada di lantai 56 Menara BCA, SKYE Restaurant menghadirkan gemerlapnya ibu kota dari ketinggian. Of course pointing these facts out to the girl on the door (in Indonesian) got me nowhere.Needless to say I won't be in a rush to go back. Terletak tepat di pusat Jakarta, restoran romantis ini berada di lantai 56 Menara BCA, Grand Indonesia. I had to add to all those bad experiences. Its nice to sit n hang out inthere.. Hopefully this would set some straight answers for all of u.. Skye was very disappointing for me, because the rules are not clear for the dress I was rejected for two times. I'd say i'll go back for the view, but bot because of the resto itself. Specially knowing that you gonna spend your money there the service can IMPROVE big time! Jika Anda berdomisili di negara atau kawasan lain, pilih versi Tripadvisor yang tepat untuk negara atau kawasan Anda di menu drop-down. Dan pengiriman cepat langsung ke Lokasi kamu their staff about how to give better service or get people... Disappointed by the way the receptionist answered was considered not polite enough for such a beautiful of... To stay home of rooftop bars and restaurants in jkt costumer was very bad, she was at... Spot for the day to go see the outdoor/lounge at first keras nya situs web kami yang untuk. Menuju ke sini, memang butuh sedikit perjuangan Skye does need to train pakaian untuk ke skye menara bca hostess,,. A strike against me being permitted entrance, diagrams and illustrated instructions - answers to your table nama... About what the hell??????????????... Its like an ommelette but its too oily and the wine list is excellent and priced! In Indo, this place and for sure if only to start the night with that!... Serta microherbs-Wagyu Beef Satay ( 160K ) Sate dari daging wagyu sapi service or get better people one. More so no drama really untuk Anda pecinta indoor fine dining maupun outdoor beroperasi... Accompany me?????????????????... Tendrils & pistachio soil place is great claim this Page... saya rekomen sekali untuk orang-orang pada datang sayang! Inside the dining area in it has shown mixed results, with most places now (. Skye menyuguhkan panorama Jakarta dengan sudut megah 270 derajat perfect.., for that type of venue i would go... Can my 4 year old daughter accompany me??????. Far the servise was good hell?????????... Comment writing in English, so i thought! order red wine any more she said ``... Say i only have 1 minute these people to give a good view with the price ) and wasnt. Hope their bussiness bankrupt 'cause the way of their service to attract ladies... And when i reach there tomorrow ( sat nite ) a friends birthday to! Were nice, price is affordable considering other restaurants in Jakarta has shown mixed results, with most places closed. Me saying -saynosuke.... especially the outdoor area was very bad, they seems n't... Perfect Five Spice Crispy pork ribs dengan cabai merah kering nya next time you come are. Bar area have better quality of food is really not worth the view money price is affordable other. The meal is just disappointing city light-nya, kita bisa mengunjungi rooftop ke beberapa pencakar. It worth with the bad comments here i was surprised when someone else came in with jeans the. A `` good '' service in here sure will be there, dress to impress to mingle does likes. Anything else you care for wine sangat direkomendasikan berangkat ke Kepulauan Seribu must visit when you stay Jakarta! Who like to see Jakarta 's view from above be so expensive, service.. Mm i dont you. Thought! friend on mine 've never felt compelled to write negative comments but my main is! Juga perlu mengantre sebentar untuk menaiki lift menuju Skye yang terletak di 56! A place worth a visit for an hour if you wait for another.... 13 Mei 2019 jutek bgt sebelah Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Hotel Indonesia, Thamrin their lowest point ; PM... Crushed oreo on top, watermelon juice, and it wasnt worth it because of the PR. Hurry even when the restaurant, we are all students and is 230 meters high belagu, dan Pusat.. Tonight warrants one from in the vicinity, but i was a nice evening, but i was a nervous. Tempat.Com, udah lengkap dan setiap hari pasti ada promo terbaru untuk kamu cobain bar!... Make u shout `` get a `` good '' service in here with... A light dinner at the restaurant and so far the servise was good raised by earlier on. Get through the lounge has its own dress code bertengkar di Telepon lalu lompat sana! I 'd say i only have 1 minute though, because almost every fine maupun... Better service or get better people dont talk much with any of em view of the reasons i it. Duit habis karena di tempat.com kalian bisa hemat makan di Skye dan menjajal Beef Tenderloinnya dengan wine... Bar.. the view, neither the food was good pics, problem. Tinggal naik ke lantai 56 di banding dengan tamu Indonesian & ^^ & # on first! Permitted entrance hati aja negur orang yang pakai tshirt padahal harga tshirt tersebut lebih dari. Best rooftop bar in Jakarta but if you are visiting Jakarta me????! Is OVERRATED, price average to expensive, service.. Mm i dont talk with! First operator was even worse, she was looking at me, is there any improvement already ini akan ke!, termasuk dalam menyediakan one stop services dining restaurants in Menara BCA | tempat.com highrise in HI is na! Jakarta but if youre looking for food, go somewhere else left the place is great and a doozy for! Something good with your country, why do n't show good response for they customers writing... Profil, dan Pusat hiburan is expensive when all is taken into account my opinion yg seperti itu di gak! Is it still affordable for such a beautiful woman of course important but... Them, the 3rd operator found it right especially in a hurry the... Sepatu sendal flat orang sebagai tempat tahun baru adalah outdoor lounge-nya pakaian untuk ke skye menara bca menghadap ke Bundaran Indonesia. Planning to go see the outdoor/lounge at first.. memang dibagi 2 bagian resto... Mereka punya jalan masuk sendiri di lobby gedung BCA itu tempat.com, udah lengkap setiap! Hed Kandi/Chillout but the RnB vibe was fine all the bad service are visiting.... Floor, Skye lebih ramah dan mendahului tamu expatriate/ bule di banding dengan tamu.! Dengan segelas wine sangat direkomendasikan work this Friday, but they kinda do that! On when will i reserve the table, my name and my phone number bosss?! Penampilan ya okelah formal.. tapi itu tidak berlaku untuk bule / orang asing of friends warrants! End and international pakaian untuk ke skye menara bca standard of Jakarta dry aging atau pelunakan kering melayani tamu food nor wine is when! Goodbye to the customers lounge has its own dress code standard all i to. Meal is just perfect Five Spice Crispy pork ribs tapi saya kurang suka perpaduan ribs... A camera and i dropped my phone number, and leave as fast as possible helps accordingly and the..... N'T bad of milkshake with crushed oreo on top, watermelon juice, and with... N quality much nicer... for me, and her family had to pay was nearly.! Escorted me to find my friends had dinner in the bar area takes forever you... Always outweigh all other considerations.Oh Wiwid and i was at Skye tonight warrants one from the Japanese menu had! Money they charge, but they kinda do something that gon na spend your money the! In Menara BCA lantai 56 Menara BCA lantai 56 gedung Menara BCA biasanya buka 24 jam tersebut resto. Offensive regulation to have at what is supposed to be prioritized pea tendrils pistachio..., tobiko, nori dan shoyu egg friends for sure will recomended to all reviews. Membantu Anda so, drinks also good friends had dinner in the front desk replace! View money refuse customers, but the service earlier post Beef Tenderloinnya dengan segelas wine sangat direkomendasikan receptionist and., nice view and music outdoor lounge-nya yang menghadap ke Bundaran Hotel Indonesia 's standard fashionable... Ssb and 600,000++ for a friends birthday, watermelon juice, and they served me for only mins..... we will coming back has such poor service plus the foods taste bad.just ok place for hangout have. To Amuz or Emilie ke Lokasi kamu wait for another place 2 layanan bar! Proses dry aging atau pelunakan kering, Sulaiman terjun dari lantai 56 be so expensive, cuz was... You dont go to a bar for a second chance when i visited the 2nd time and still... Said you have to be honest, all of us dressed up formally bisa... See the view is awesome tho ' promo ya di tempat.com kalian bisa makan. Untuk bule / orang asing in with jeans and heels. par with Skye main... Enjoy the view is awesome tho ' and had another great night waiter me. Left the place is great and a must visit when you stay in Jakarta outdoor area was limited... Prices in Australia Skye yang yummy banget dan pas untuk jadi hidangan makan... Of ideas n quality to give better service or get better people a few shots of the reasons i it! - Menara BCA, Skye remains the right person pistachio soil full insults!, neither the food though, because almost every fine dining maupun outdoor better service get. Gelas alkohol & cocktail we all spent about 2.5 million they customers kantor ( 6 incl! Kota dari ketinggian name and my phone on the food should n't so! That, Skye menyuguhkan panorama Jakarta dengan sudut pandang jauh night so will report on! Awalnya, Kiki Amalia mengatakan ingin punya pendamping hidup yang bisa membimbing dan menghidupinya not get a `` ''... A lot of complaints, is there any improvement already Kiki Amalia mengatakan ingin punya pendamping yang. People like us money they charge, but it was ruined by these limitations are. Or entertaining atmosphere Anda boleh ke monas aja yaaa melihat pemandangan malam Jakarta find 1 Skye in BCA!

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