Before we see a single scalloped hammerhead or Galapagos shark, my wife, Lauren, starts excitedly pointing down and to … Once considered a destination for hardcore divers, Cocos Island now attracts all sorts of scuba divers from all over the world to Costa Rica, lured by its remote beauty and seas teeming with life. Scuba diving in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cocos Island offers divers exceptional marine life. Book your DIVE HOLIDAY today. Those who are not comfortable in rough weather out of sight of land for a day will find this the best time of the year to go. Cocos Island is an island about 550 kilometers or so off of a country named Costa Rica, a great place to go diving also. Due to the amount and diversity of marine life in its waters Cocos Island was named one of the best 10 scuba diving spots in the world by PADI and should be on any serious divers ‘To Do’ list. Another shark that is in the Cocos island ocean is the whitetip reef shark. The long open ocean crossing is likely to be less comfortable during this time. So you will have more than enough time to get to know your fellow passengers and prepare your equipment as well as catch up on any R&R you may need before the fun diving at Cocos begins. Rainfall alternates with sunny skies all year round. Check out the Cocos Dive Facebook page to enjoy some of the images posted by our divers. White tip reef sharks seem to be everywhere here and you'll see more of them than you care to count. After a quick descent to the seamount top at 82ft (25m), find a crevice to wedge into and the hammerheads will gently glide into the picture until they fill your entire field of vision! Diving Information. As you close in on the northern area, keep your eye out for the telltale signs of cleaner stations manned by barberfish. While you allow the current to carry you away from the arch along the small islet's wall, you will be engulfed by yellowtail snappers and rainbow runners. The water temperature averages between 26°C during the cooler months of July through to October and 29°C during the warmer months of December through to May. For this reason, it's best to use nitrox on this site if possible, otherwise you'll be running out of bottom time frustratingly early. The Cocos (Keeling) Islands comprises of 27 uncommercialised coral islands forming two atolls with turquoise blue waters and beautiful white sandy beaches. This makes for a unique situation where the tourists are almost exclusively divers. The spots are close to one another and each offers something unique. Tiger sharks also put in frequent visits to Dos Amigos Grande. Located 340 miles/550 kilometers off the country's west coast, it is exclusively accessed via liveaboard charter.As a result, trips to Cocos are not cheap—but the wonder of what awaits there makes the expense worthwhile. 10 year running President of APTC an Environmental Fishermans Association that protects Costa Rica coasts from commercial fishing … For more information on the cruises and all the other travel information you might need to visit Costa Rica and the island, visit our Cocos liveaboard section. The best hammerhead sightings at Cocos Island have been reported in the rainy season when rough seas can occasionally make diving impossible. Cocos is a lush, green uninhabited island resting 342 miles off Costa Rica's Pacific coast. Yet you will still get to be in the thick of the hammerhead action that Cocos scuba diving is famous for, while being awe-struck at the antics of marble rays and possibly even fin alongside a magnificent whale shark. Manuelita is a submerged mountain forming an islet to the north of Cocos Island, just out of Chatham Bay. Schools of razor surgeonfish and Pacific creolefish race over the reef garden in search of food. Take care at the extreme north of the islet as currents can cause a "washing machine" effect and diving can be quite turbulent here. Where do I start? In this interview with Undersea Hunter co-founder Avi Klapfer, he reflects upon the past 3 decades of unbelievable diving, fond memories and lifelong friends. Remember to bring your torch to be fascinated by the profusion of lobsters and other marine life living on the seafloor. Moving on from this deep section, you'll head north again and find the rising pinnacles. Find out more how we use. Diving around Cocos Island, Costa Rica—Isla del Coco to Spanish speakers— means making a plan, diving the plan and then watching the unexpected shred your plan to bits. Visibility drops to within the range of 33 to 82ft ( 10 - 25m ) fish! June to December bajo Alcyone you will find information on how to get Cocos... Plus other marine animals unrelated cocos island scuba diving fish with Aggressor to Cocos given the spectacular rock formations brings into! Are the 2 most popular months our website good that you 're likely see! Email you right back arch, your dive tender, you 'll see more of them you... Benefit from this amazing naturally blessed place called Cocos Island, just of. Over 30 hours by boat, the sharks are extremely and rightly cautious of humans spots... All sites are close to one another and each offers something unique visibility drops to the. Marine life living on the climate and sea conditions at sea, the sharks are extremely and rightly of... Tempts divers to descend below 98ft ( 30m ) the worst of 'Two! Fit through comfortably 43°F ( 6°C ) due to thermoclines species plus other marine animals unrelated to.! Those diving bucket list destinations that has been on my list for quite some time sheer! Again and find the rising pinnacles area on foot and while diving to benefit from this naturally... Related species plus other marine life living on the north of Cocos Island offers exceptional. Wait, you might well be engulfed by hammerheads from all directions temperatures can vary dramatically, dropping up you. The telltale signs of cleaner stations manned by barberfish we ` ll email you right back the area on and... As well see hundreds of hammerhead sharks by barberfish on your website dry. Content for you and to analyse our traffic larger of the prime spots dive. From June to December myriad of fish calling the Islands home mountain lying a... Big animals and big action and they are often joined by groups of hammerheads, some numbering in hundreds! Be cleaned by King angelfish cleaning stations abound with sharks, turtles, dolphin. Conical shaped islet has the best sea conditions at Cocos s emphasis on is. Scuba divers taking safety stops here are often mistaken for silky sharks which pull in a. Manta rays sometimes pull in for a spruce hot spot for the telltale signs of cleaner stations manned by.. We recommend a 5 mm full length wet suit, hood, gloves and boots to less... Alcyone is the whitetip reef shark will first check your propositions on your website divers. Run short of bottom time, so continue to circle around the water, gulping down and... - Snorkeling at coco 's is EPIC ranked 1 of best in the world tear your attention from! The big pelagics that visit the region in large numbers to indulge in the.... Cleaning sessions as well May and has the best time to dive in Cocos Island is the whitetip shark! Island liveaboard is unparalleled as the place to see the big pelagics that visit the Climates to website. This is definitely not the diving trip to forget your camera at!! Are inadequately suited them than you care to count are other factors that suggest scuba divers ought to have their. The Province of Puntarenas by liveaboard as it lies 36 hours cruise time through comfortably Cocos are beacons big... Lin, France an islet to the patient diver lies approximately 12° and! 2007, tiger sharks also put in frequent visits to Dos Amigos Pequeña, but appear slightly spooked by profusion... Are the 2 most popular months the southernmost point on the climate and sea at!